Siamese Ribbon Special Teak Edition

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A small Oriental-looking cabinet is displayed and then its front and back doors are opened to reveal a narrow ribbon which runs through the centre of the cabinet from side to side. The ends of the ribbon are threaded through slots with short lengths of it left hanging outside of the cabinet at each side. The performer pulls the ribbon back and forth several times and then takes up a pair of scissors and CUTS THE RIBBON IN TWO.

The doors of the cabinet are now closed, but the ends of the ribbon which protrude from the slots in the sides of the cabinet are still in full view. The performer pulls on one end of the ribbon and THE OTHER END IMMEDIATELY MOVES: he continues pulling on the ribbon until it is removed – COMPLETELY RESTORED! The doors of the cabinet are re-opened to reveal that the interior of the cabinet is completely empty.

The miniature cabinet, which measures approximately 4 inches x 1.5 inches x 2.5 inches, is made in teak and features a dragon on its front door.

The apparatus is housed in a box which is finished in sapele veneer. The lid of this box is decorated with two dragons which face one another. A special compartment within the box accommodates additional lengths of ribbon for repeat performances.

This effect, which was first released onto the general market in a painted version by me almost forty years ago, has intrigued all who have seen it, and I have every confidence that it will likewise intrigue and mystify both you and your audiences.

It is with special thanks to my very good friend, Andy Martin, who has for many years asked me to put out a teak version of this effect, that I am now have pleasure in releasing Siamese Ribbon (Teak) onto the market.


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1 review for Siamese Ribbon Special Teak Edition

  1. Andy Martin

    The Dragon Has Landed!

    So perhaps my favorite impossible illusion from my good friend Alan Warner is the Siamese Ribbon. It was the first item I ever purchased from Alan some 36 years ago and still amazes me to this day.

    It looks like a miracle. You cut the ribbon cleanly in front of the spectator – in fact the spectator can cut it if you want; they can clearly see the two pieces both inside and outside of the box. You then close the front door and at all times can see the ribbon dangling from either side of the box. You pull the ribbon from one side of the box, and the ribbon at the opposite goes in and out comes a single ribbon again. The box can then be opened and it is also empty. It is an amazing effect to see and yet it is simplicity itself to perform. Truly a cut and pull miracle with no funny business and nothing is added or taken away.

    For a few years I have been asking Alan to create a new version in teak and when I was visiting him and his talented wife Mignon at his home last week he totally floored me by presenting me with this first completed version of his latest release. It is an amazing beauty and proves that Alan continues to shine even after all these years of creating mini-magic miracles. If you don’t have any other Warner items then this would be the one to get. If you are already a collector then there is no way you can pass this up.

    A true miracle. Highly Recommended for everyone who appreciates fine miracles that they can actually perform.

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