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A spectator, who has been invited to assist the performer, is asked to name his favourite fruit. A small, decorated teak case, with a lid on it, is then shown. The performer removes the lid to reveal the tops of five wooden tablets. When these tablets are taken out of the case and spread face up on the table, it can be seen that each one of them bears the image of a different piece of fruit. The spectator’s named favourite fruit may or may not be among the five pieces of fruit on show.

The spectator is then given a free choice of fruit. He can pick his favourite fruit, should it happen to be one of the five, or opt for one of the other four: the choice is entirely up to him.

Once a specific piece of fruit has been chosen, the performer reveals that he knew all along what the spectator’s final choice would be.

The special case, combined with two other subtleties, makes this a very easy effect to handle, allowing the performer to concentrate on presentation.

The measurements of the teak case, with its lid on, are 3.5 inches x 2.75 inches. The wooden tablets measure 3.25 inches x 2 inches.

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1 review for Fruiti

  1. Andy Martin

    Classic Clever Warner!

    So Alan has two new releases for 2013 and they are both beauties. This one is a mental item with some lovely colored plaques of fruit.

    The spectator can choose any of five pieces of fruit, with no force and each time the magician reveals that he had predicted in advance their choice. Yes this is a multiple-out effect, but unlike other similar effects this offers a free choice of five items, not three or four, and the revelations are much less convoluted than some I’ve seen in the past.

    When I first opened this I thought great colorful props, but nothing too surprising here. Then I read on and I thought ah very clever! You really can give them the choice of any of the five fruits with no counting from left or right ruses. I think you will be very happy with this well priced mental effect .

    This reminds me Alan Warner has many amazing effects available directly from him and most of his prices are still great value for great magic and craftsmanship you are getting.

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