My Alan Warner Collection in 2002

My Alan Warner Collection in 2002 (Click on the image to go to the item page)

Captive CardJack the LadSpirit CabinetFlight of the FalconMatchedMillennium Mini-Magic Collection Millennium Mini-Magic CollectionRunicMaverickKryptic KeysCurioThe MummyCard Case 20Die 'n' DiceDie 'n' DiceColouramaLightning BoxWonderland DoorHolusionDominoCoinfoundedPharoh's CurseSign of the SnakeVoo DooAstralInitialiaCheckmateThe Question IsThe Question IsPharoh's CartouchePentraScarab - ScarabInterchangeTalismanCover UpMini MentalTablets of RaHorus-ScopeThe OracleEnigmaticCoin ConLi Chang's BoxesLi Chang's BoxesRed Chinese PuzzlePerverse CardCairo ConCairo ConConfusin' CubesTwister

Welcome to a modern rebuild of the first website dedicated to the beautiful magic of that very fine British craftsman Alan Warner.  I originally created this site in 2001/2 and at the time introduced the creations of the amazing Alan Warner to much of the world.  A lot has changed since then including selling my complete collection of cherished Alan Warner effects.

Over the years I have got to know Alan, and his wonderful wife Mignon, well and consider them my close friends.  I still buy new creations from Alan when he produces them and he continues to amaze and amuse me as he did when I first met him as a 14 year old at an IBM convention in Brighton, England in the late 70’s.

To see all of Alan’s creations, including his Children’s Magic and Painted Mini-Magic, please go to Alan’s other site: www.alanwarnermagic.com

Andy Martin
Spicewood, TX
March 2015

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