My Alan Warner Collection in 2002

My Alan Warner Collection in 2002 (Click on the image to go to the item page)

Captive Card Jack the Lad Spirit Cabinet Flight of the Falcon Matched Millennium Mini-Magic Collection Millennium Mini-Magic Collection Runic Maverick Kryptic Keys Curio The Mummy Card Case 20 Die 'n' Dice Die 'n' Dice Colourama Lightning Box Wonderland Door Holusion Domino Coinfounded Pharoh's Curse Sign of the Snake Voo Doo Astral Initialia Checkmate The Question Is The Question Is Pharoh's Cartouche Pentra Scarab - Scarab Interchange Talisman Cover Up Mini Mental Tablets of Ra Horus-Scope The Oracle Enigmatic Coin Con Li Chang's Boxes Li Chang's Boxes Red Chinese Puzzle Perverse Card Cairo Con Cairo Con Confusin' Cubes Twister

Welcome to a modern rebuild of the first website dedicated to the beautiful magic of that very fine British craftsman Alan Warner.  I originally created this site in 2001/2 and at the time introduced the creations of the amazing Alan Warner to much of the world.  A lot has changed since then including selling my complete collection of cherished Alan Warner effects.

Over the years I have got to know Alan, and his wonderful wife Mignon, well and consider them my close friends.  I still buy new creations from Alan when he produces them and he continues to amaze and amuse me as he did when I first met him as a 14 year old at an IBM convention in Brighton, England in the late 70’s.

To see all of Alan’s creations, including his Children’s Magic and Painted Mini-Magic, please go to Alan’s other site: www.alanwarnermagic.com

Andy Martin
Spicewood, TX
March 2015

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